The coat rack SEVEN is part of the celebration of modernism in Gisela’s life, she at first did not understand how his trait, often so close to the modernist masters, had come into its creation. In 2019 visited the place that was part of her childhood in Petrópolis, she found herself completely connected and admiring the past of architecture and furniture of that house. The hanger that is made in Freijó conveys to us the childhood of Gisela at CASA DO SOL in Petrópolis and brings the designer a deep gratitude for having lived, in that place of exuberant design, much of her childhood.



The seven balls joined by soft curves show the author the union and deep belief in the family. Now she has her own, and provides as her parents provided her with unforgettable childhood moments so that one day they can have their own story and convey it with pride.