CE Bar

CE Bar represents a mix of two cultures. Brazilian, Gisela is also an English citizen thanks to the 10 years she lived in London. The furniture is a revisit of the drink trolleys, born in the Victorian age as tea carts and that, mainly from the ’50s, have become fashionable, being used to serve alcoholic beverages.

Developed especially for Espasso Plus and handcrafted in Brazil, the object brings in its essence the elegant, dynamic and interactive design of Gisela. A kind of treadmill circumvents the whole object, giving it a distinctive character, as well as giving a playful sense to the act of opening and closing.


Equipped with two front wheels and one back that facilitate its locomotion, it is made in freijó wood with top in melamine white plywood. The choice of soft shapes and light colors offers an “optical illusion”: when the doors are open the furniture seems to float. In short, a classic in a modern key.


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